Our Mission

There are many factors that are essential to health and performance. The purpose of One Athlete is to integrate these factors to provide athletes with an efficient and understandable monitoring system that can provide detailed health and readiness information. Athlete data is scored to allow athletes to track their health and performance metrics over time, in order to inform individualized training and recovery protocols. One Athlete hopes to package this digital communication network into an accessible portal that an integrated support team can interact with for optimal athlete care.


One Body. One Mind. Unlimited Potential.

Individualized health and performance data that can be private or shared with others as desired. 

Development of validated monitoring tools to service individuals and teams in all domains of health and performance.  

Preliminary research into prevention of Relative-Energy Deficiency in Sport and Overtraining.


Data delivery and content management that users can efficiently understand and apply in real life settings.

Adapt our data into evidence-informed strategies and implement them into practice to ameliorate clinical efficacy in Sports Medicine


Knowledge translation and information hub for athletes and professionals to collaborate and avert data silos.

One Athlete strives to deliver excellence in the areas of: